Karate on Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
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Shotokan Karate kicks. Shotokan Karate punches. Shotokan Karate blocks. Shotokan Karate stances.

Jacksons Lane Shotokan Karate Club

Grades and Belts

Please feel free to print any of these pages out and keep them with you so that you can practice your syllabus whenever you get the chance.

9th Kyu - Orange - 9th Kyu Syllabus

8th Kyu - Red - 8th Kyu Syllabus

7th Kyu - Yellow - 7th Kyu Syllabus

6th Kyu - Green - 6th Kyu Syllabus

5th Kyu - Purple - 5th Kyu Syllabus

4th Kyu - Purple and White - 4th Kyu Syllabus

3rd Kyu - Brown - 3rd Kyu Syllabus

2nd Kyu - Brown and 1 White - 2nd Kyu Syllabus

1st Kyu - Brown and 2 White - 1st Kyu Syllabus