Karate on Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
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Shotokan Karate kicks. Shotokan Karate punches. Shotokan Karate blocks. Shotokan Karate stances.

Jacksons Lane Shotokan Karate Club

Courses & Events


Karate demonstration at Stockport Lads Club


Kata course - Meikyo and Gojushiho Dai then a Dan grading
Check with your Sensei for details.

15th April 2018

Junior Competition
Kata and Kumite
12noon until 3pm at the Bramhall Centre

Kata Courses 2017

Normally held at the Offerton High School Dojo on Sundays 3pm-4pm

29-01-2017 - Jion
26-02-2017 - Hangetsu
26-03-2017 - Kanku Dai
30-04-2017 - Empi
28-05-2017 - Cancelled
25-06-2017 - Kanku Sho
30-07-2017 - Bassai Sho
24-09-2017 - Cancelled
29-10-2017 - Tekki Nidan
26-11-2017 - TBA

27th November 2015

Course for Nijushiho Kata.

Free Kata sessions!!

Saturdays from 4pm to 4.45pm. These sessions are open to club members who have attended other sessions in the week. All others are welcome to participate on the usual paid session basis. Guests welcome but please check with Sensei first.

Course Record Sheet

If you need more space in your Licence and Gradings Record for your courses here is an extra sheet that can be printed out and added into it. Just click on the Contact Us button to request a pdf file.