Karate on Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
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Shotokan Karate kicks. Shotokan Karate punches. Shotokan Karate blocks. Shotokan Karate stances.

Jacksons Lane Shotokan Karate Club


The training will restart on Thursday 3rd December 2020 for Juniors only(17yo and younger), please keep in mind that normal COVID restrictions regarding social distancing still apply and the routine(please see below) for entering the dojo and training that we had in place before this lockdown also still apply.

As of Wednesday night(4th November 2020) in line with government rulings regarding gymnasiums the dojo will be closed for a number of weeks, until further notice.

We are open again on the 1st September.
There will be some procedures that need to be adhered to so that we can ensure that we stay open.
These procedures must be adhered to to ensure we stay open.
Please respect the safety of your club mates and their families.

If a person shows a blatant disregard for the safety of others or continuously doesn't follow the procedures they will not be allowed to train.

1. Remain social distanced
2. Wear a mask when entering the building, this may be removed when training if you wish.

1. Remain social distanced
Only 30 people allowed in the dojo at any one time, so parents/guardians/carers must stay outside the dojo.
2. Your temperature will be taken using a remote infra red temperature tester, if you are over the fever threshold you will not be allowed to train on that day.
3. Students will be registered into the dojo by one of the instructors so no need to sign in, this reduces the risk of transmission by people handling the same pen and paper.
4. Fees will be handed into a container, only exact change can be used in order to avoid transmission by people taking change 'from the pot'. Block payments for a full week or month can be made if needed to avoid needing change, or payment can be made by bank transfer with prior arrangement.
5. Remain social distanced while you find a space, while in the dojo even if you are of the same household please social distance as others may not be aware that you are brothers and sisters and may then think the procedures have relaxed and so causing confusion. The only exception to this is for very young children that are training alongside parents and need close support.
There may be 2 or 3 lines of students.
6. While training all kiais will be muted to avoid transmission of moisture from one person to another.

1. Remain social distanced. Be patient, Do Not Rush to get out. Consider wearing a mask.
2. The class may finish 5 minutes early to ensure there is no cross contamination with another class that may be entering.
3. There will be a one way system to avoid cross contamination with another class coming in.
4. Once home consider washing/showering/washing feet.

TBA-There may be additional procedures set out by the gym organisation.

The online karate classes started last Tuesday 26th May and have been a success. they will continue until further notice.

Soon be starting online classes, emails have gone out and the Facebook page has been updated.

Due to the coronavirus the Hazel Grove High School gym has been closed until further notice. keep watching this space or the news page on the club website.
We knew that it was coming. Hopefully the club will be back up and running when this emergency is over.
However this is a fantastic opportunity to practice your syllabus and don't forget that kata was invented to allow people to practice techniques while on their own.

During the Japanese occupation of Okinawa kata became an extremely important way of practicing karate techniques in secret while rules were in place that stopped the Okinawans from practicing martial arts. Now with self and social isolation it's the perfect time to practice your karate and work on any parts that you need to.




You can find your syllabus on this page. Grades/Belts syllabus.

It may be an idea to do your practice at the same time as the club training times.

Remember karate is like boiling water, it cools down when you take the energy away.