Karate on Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
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Shotokan Karate kicks. Shotokan Karate punches. Shotokan Karate blocks. Shotokan Karate stances.

Jacksons Lane Karate Club

About The Club

Committed to excellence, with around 20 years at its present centre, Jacksons Lane Karate Club is a long established and respected traditional Karate club with deep roots in the area.
Between them, the instructors(Sensei) have decades of experience in Karate and of course all are Dan grade.

The club is affiliated to British Shotokan Kyogi and other organisations.

The club meets at the Hazel Grove High School site, which provides a safe training environment for all members. There is ample free parking provided.

Male and female changing rooms are available.
Junior members usually arrive and depart dressed in their Gi, which parents find a great convenience!

When Do We Train?

Information about the Training Times.

How Much Do We Charge?

Information about the Training Fees.