Karate on Jacksons Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport.
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Shotokan Karate kicks. Shotokan Karate punches. Shotokan Karate blocks. Shotokan Karate stances.

Jacksons Lane Shotokan Karate Club

Training Times

Tuesday 6pm - 7pm - Training Session for all.

Thursday 6pm - 7pm - Training Session for all.

Saturday 3pm - 4pm - Training just for Juniors. TEMPORARILY STOPPED

Saturday 4pm - 4:45pm - Kata session for all. TEMPORARILY STOPPED

“What if I can't make it on time?”
It’s OK to come late to either weekday session. This flexible approach is appreciated by many. Just be sure to warm up a little outside the dojo, sign in as usual, make certain Sensei knows you are present in the traditional way(kneel down at the edge of the dojoi) and when asked to join, do so from round the back of the class, never move between Sensei and Shomen. This is a traditional dojo!

We all live in the real world: making time for training can be difficult, so, recognizing this we have re-jigged Thursday training times to better suit members’ demanding lifestyles.

Saturday 3pm - 4pm - Juniors TEMPORARILY STOPPED

The highly qualified, experienced instructors have a particular talent when it comes to training younger members on Saturdays. A sound foundation right from the start leads to solid progress through the belts and grades later. Parents of younger students must ‘sit in’ on the sessions; session by session, they see the confidence, self discipline and physical skills of their children grow over time. Needless to say, this improvement carries over into life in school, general social development and eventually work life.

Saturday 4pm - 4.45pm - FREE Shotokan Kata sessions TEMPORARILY STOPPED

Open to all who have attended sessions in the week.

These extremely popular sessions are free to club members who attended other sessions in the week. All others are welcome to participate on the usual paid session basis. Guests are welcome but please check with Sensei first.